Who We Are

Caroline Checkley-Scott

Caroline Checkley-Scott has worked in the Heritage sector for over 30 years. Originally from Dublin she is an ICON Accredited Conservator (ACR) and a Fellow of the Institute of Conservation (FIIC). She is also a Trustee of the National Manuscript Conservation Trust (NMCT) in the UK.

Living 33 years in the UK, she has now returned to Ireland to head up danu heritage with Helen. She has led conservation departments at the British Library, Wellcome Collection and the University of Manchester Library-managing both the conservation work and carrying out research on the collections.

Following on from this she went on to work with Conservation by Design (CXD) at Commercial Director initially leading on showcases and mounts and conservation studios, and later with the product development and marketing of the wide assortment of products both in the UK and France.

She is also now a consultant for Conservation Resources, a leading retailer for archive and preservation products to the international market.

Helen Kane

Helen Kane is a costume designer and stylist with over 25 years of experience working across all media platforms, theatre, film, television and web content.

Having trained in fashion design she specialises in TV commercials and print advertising and has gone on to successfully collaborate with many Directors and Brands.

Raising a family, both in Ireland and partly overseas she is the second half of danu heritage bringing her wealth of knowledge of product management, design and product delivery. Her attention to detail has delivered some of the well known film characters and familiar branded ads we see every day.

Helen is resourceful and creative and has long established relationships with designers, international and Irish agencies, creatives and industry suppliers.


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Danu was a very powerful and fundamental earth goddess, from which all power, wisdom and productiveness of the land poured forth. She was a wisdom goddess of inspiration and intellect.

In Irish mythology, *Danu ([ˈdanu]) is the reconstructed mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (Old Irish: “The peoples of the goddess Danu”).

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